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Chimons Gas Ltd is in the business of marketing and sales of LPG, Cylinders and accessories.
LPG (Liquefied Petroleum Gas) is obtained from the refining of Crude Oil and by extraction from Natural gas or crude oil streams coming from underground reservoirs.
Characterisitics of LPG
It is colourless
It is odourless but odorized by adding an odourant prior to supply to customers, to aid detection of any leaks
It is slightly heavier than air and hence flows to lower lying areas
In liquid form, it is lighter than water and hence floats initially before it is vapourises
It is non-toxic but can cause asphyxiation in very high concentration in air
Uses of LPG
LPG is used as a fuel for cooking (this is it’s major use in Nigeria), industrial, horticultural, agricultural, heating and drying processes. LPG can be used as an automotive fuel (already in many developed and developing countries) or as a propellant for aerosols, in addition to other specialist applications. LPG can also be used to provide lighting through the use of pressure lanterns.
Nature of LPG
LPG exists mainly as "propane" and "butane” and consist of very largely of these saturated hydrocarbons; but during the process of extraction/production certain allowable unsaturated hydrocarbons like ethylene, propylene, butylenes etc. may be included in the mixture along with pure propane and butane. The presence of these in moderate amounts would not affect LPG in terms of combustion.
  • Because of its relatively fewer components, it is easy to achieve the correct fuel to air mix ratio that allows the complete combustion of the product. This gives LPG its clean burning characteristics.
  • Both Propane and Butane are easily liquefied and stored in pressure containers. These properties make the fuel highly portable, and hence, can be easily transported in cylinders or tanks to end-users.
  • LPG is a good substitute for petrol in spark ignition engines. Its clean burning properties, in a properly tuned engine, give reduced exhaust emissions, extended lubricant and spark plug life.
  • As a replacement for aerosol propellants and refrigerants, LPG provides alternatives to fluorocarbons, which are known to cause deterioration of the earth's ozone layer.
  • The clean burning properties and portability of LPG provide a substitute for traditional fuels such as wood, coal, and other organic matter. This provides a solution to de-forestation and the reduction of particulate matter in the atmosphere
LPG Cylinders
Chimons Gas Ltd entered a sales partnership with Mauria Udyog of India (the biggest exporter of LPG cylinder in India).Our LPG cylinders are certified by SON (Standard Organisation of Nigeria (see certificate).We have various size categories of cylinders – 12.5kg, 6.25kg. 5kg. 50kg ( see pictures ) and others.
We have a Cylinder Dealership Scheme, which consist of a network of dealers who purchase cylinders and gas at very competitive prices and sell to customers at relatively good prices. This is to ensure our Mission to sell LPG at the cheapest prices to all nooks and crannies in Nigeria is met.
LPG Cylinder Scheme
Chimons Gas Ltd is committed to the growth of the Nigerian LPG market, to achieve this Chimons set up the LPG cylinder scheme which entails; Commissioning Dealers to handle sales of LPG and cylinders to customers at specific areas nationwide. Potential dealers are to submit an application and undergo an assessment process after which LPG cylinders and gas are sold to them at discounted prices to enable them sell at very competitive rates to customers.
Characteristics of the Chimons LPG cylinder scheme
  • Robust distribution network (Dealer per specific area)
  • Competitive pricing
  • Straight-forward ordering process
  • Efficient delivery system
  • Technical back-up