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First Lady Cooks For Lagosians
Nov 05 2009

Nigeria has encountered a series of hitches in the quest for sustainable energy options. Liquefied Petroleum Gas or cooking gas is one energy source Nigeria has tried to embrace, but with difficulties along the way. It is ironic that a country with 187 trillion cubic feet of gas reserve currently consumes less than 185,000 cubic metres annually. Now is the time to learn from the mistakes of the past and harness avenues that would promote use of cooking gas as a sustainable energy alternative nationwide.

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In a bid to promote this initiative, the LPG Trade Group of the Lagos Chamber of Commerce and Industry in conjunction with Chimons Gas Ltd., organized a Cooking Gas Awareness Campaign, which was flagged off by the First Lady of Lagos State, Mrs. Abimbola Fashola. The venue was the Alausa Mini Market, Ikeja, and the date was November 5, 2009.

The essence of the campaign was to educate market women all over Lagos about the advantage of using LPG to replace other forms of fuel used for cooking such as kerosene, firewood and cow dung, which have had adverse effects.

Do you know that:

‘Smoke from indoor cooking fire kills one person every 20 seconds in developing countries.’

‘Smoke in the home kills more people than Malaria does

‘Smoke in the home is the fourth highest cause of death and diseases in the world’s poorest countries, killing 1.6 million people annually; nearly one million of them children and the rest women.’

The recent effort was not the first time Chimons Gas organized a campaign to increase the use of cooking gas in the country and highlight the danger in using other energy fuels for cooking. Chimons Gas co-sponsored the first LPG summit held October 12-13, 2009, in Abuja. The Senate Committee on Gas and the Department of Petroleum Resources were sponsors of the summit.

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Chimons Gas is an entirely-owned indigenous company that has been a leading expert in LPG since 1994. Chimons Gas is a major resource in the marketing and distribution of LPG and its accessories in Nigeria. The company is also an off-taker with the Nigerian Liquefied Natural Gas Ltd.(NLNG) for the domestic supply of LPG in the country.

Chimons Gas offers two new cylinders (6.25kg & 12.5kg) for sale and provides other services including haulage of cooking gas and refilling the gas from its plants nationwide.

The 6.25kg cylinder includes the burner and the cooking ring unit. This cylinder, branded the ‘’Express Cook’’ by Chimons Gas, was specially designed as an affordable, durable and effective cooker for the home.

The Express Cook was launched at the awareness campaign, where the Managing Director of Chimons Gas, Engr. Chibuike Lawrence Achigbu, explained that it was produced for the average Nigerian, as it enables low income earners to afford the switch from firewood, cow dung and kerosene to cooking gas. He also added that Nigerians deserve a better cooking fuel, which will translate to a cleaner environment and healthier and better standards of living.

The high point of the event was the lighting of the Express Cook to boil a pot of water by the First Lady.

In her remark, Mrs. Fashola commended Chimons Gas for a laudable initiative and stressed the need for more women to embrace the use of cooking gas over other sources of energy.  She opined that if more women embrace the use of cooking gas, they will be less susceptible to the hazards associated with other fuels.

She highlighted the advantages of cooking gas as an alternative source of energy, noting that it is safer, cleaner, faster to use and affordable.

Kerosene requires more cleaning than cooking gas and requires more measures to keep children safe from burns. LPG has less greenhouse pollutants, which reduces deforestation and soil degradation for a greener Nigeria.

The Express Cook and the larger 12.5 kg cylinder are available in all states in Nigeria with the unique Chimons branding.

The Lagos Chamber of Commerce and Industries, through the LPG Trade Group, commended Chimons Gas for its full commitment toward promoting the use of LPG in Nigeria. The campaign’s effort will continue with initiatives in all Local Government Headquarters state-wide.